Tolerance of Fornication In Men

Toleranţa desfrânării la bărbaţi

JUNE 10, 2009

We know from our grandparents and from many other stories, that until not long ago, if a girl lost her virginity it was a great shame, there was a risk that she would remain unmarried. And if she managed to get married, then she almost certainly does not get rid of the reproaches in the case of disputes between the spouses.

This trend has been preserved even today, because girls who lost their virginity before meeting their husband are looked down upon in society, and boys are not reproached for anything, on the contrary, they are even praised for having acquired “sexual experience”. This way of looking at things is unfair because the sin of fornication defiles the human body and soul to the same extent regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl.

The reasons why the loss of virginity in girls is viewed much harsher than in boys is due, it seems, to the more delicate and tender nature of women which is more easily associated with goodness and cleanliness, compared to that of men which is more rebellious and leans towards casualness, but also due to the fact that the girls are future mothers, carrying in their wombs the fruit of their love.

So the woman’s womb is the child’s home for the first 7-9 months of life, and then the question arises: In what kind of “house” will that child live? In a house dirty with debauchery or clean and guarded by the secret of marriage? And if we go further, let’s think about what we, as children, would say about our parents, supposing that they both fell into debauchery at a young age? We would certainly feel worse for the mother, because the mother is always in our eyes like an angel, like a ray of light in our lives, the mother is always…the mother.

But even if you are a boy, fornication is still called fornication, and it is as humiliating and degrading as for a girl. And always, when someone commits fornication, he is also guilty of the fact that he defiled the being of the person with whom he committed fornication, so you are not guilty of defilement of one body, but of two.

The fact that a boy does not marry as a virgin should be seen as shameful in our eyes as the loss of a girl’s virginity. And the fact that the society in which we live is tolerant or encouraging of debauchery in the case of boys, has made them stop assuming the shame of this sin, looking for irresponsible pleasure before marriage.

Guilty of the deplorable state in which the boys are raised, their parents are first of all, who have come not only to be indifferent to their virginity or non-virginity, but even encourage them to have several partners before getting married, in order to… “live life” and gain… “sexual experience”. Such parents are guilty to the core of the condemnation of hell, because not only did they not teach them the good things, but they also encouraged them with such diabolical teachings, multiplying in the world the blasphemous hatreds that come to heaven most of the time as a package, together with fornication: pre-fornication and abortion (the crime of one’s own child).

And another particularly serious consequence is that a man who suffers from the disease of fornication, will seek even after marriage to stamp his lust on the body that enslaved him from his youth. There are quite a few situations in everyday life, in which various problems arise when physical relations cannot exist between spouses (the woman’s period, health problems, pregnancy and childbirth), situations that can last for a long time, and a man who does not have the ability to restrain himself during his youth from fornication, he would surely fall into adultery, seeking carnal pleasure with other women at the first opportunity. Why? Because this unhealed passion demands its “rights” from youth, and what enslaves you also masters you. Many marriages, seemingly beautiful, have been ruined by adultery caused by the passion of fornication kept in secret.

However, in today’s world it is still required that the future wife (if she is serious) be a virgin, while the future husband’s amorous escapades are overlooked and, taking into account the times we live in, we should not expect that things will change for the better.

A piece of advice for virgin girls who want a clean and God-pleasing marriage: look for God-fearing virgin boys or boys who, although they have fallen into fornication, have accepted this fall, felt remorse for it and repented , and they have made a good start in the direction of Christ the Lord. This also applies to boys. Ask in prayers to receive a husband (wife) with whom you can live a Christian life, well-pleasing to God, and thus you will receive blessing and joy.

And if we have fallen into this grave sin, let us feel sorry and ask the Lord for healing, forcing ourselves to repent while we are still young, and while God still has patience with us.