Saint Anna Mission Quick Clip #1 Orthodox Books on Audible

Today’s St Anna Mission Quick Clip. You’re a busy person, and you don’t have a whole lot of time to read a whole lot of long books about Orthodox Christianity. One of the options that’s
available is actually Audible. Audible is a great way to listen to Orthodox books to learn the Orthodox faith.


I would strongly recommend reading the works by Saint John of Damascus, both:

An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, and I’m not sure exactly the difference but…
On the Orthodox Faith: Volume 3 of the Found of Knowledge, is on here as well.

So if you want what I would consider to be the the densest most descriptive description for a Lutheran or a Protestant coming into the Orthodox Faith, I would recommend the books by Saint John of Damascus first and for foremost, if you are listening to audible.

I also recommend On The Incarnation by Saint Athanasius where he talks about God became man so that man could become god.
On the Holy Spirit by Saint Basil.
Nihilism by Father Seraphim Rose
Know the Faith by Father Michael Shanbour
God Is a Man of War Father Stephen De Young

One of the books that’s really powerful for Protestants joining is Archpriest Josiah Trenham’s book Rock and Sand an Orthodox Appraisal of the Protestant Reformers and Their Teaching.
Religion of the Apostles: Orthodox Christianity in the First Century Father Stephen De Young.
Orthodox Christian Spirituality 101: Glimpses into the Unknown: Eastern Christianity and Its Spiritual Traditions.

This is today’s Quick Clip thank you for watching.