The Prologue From Ohrid

The Prologue From Ohrid is written by Saint Nikolai Velimirović, a Serbian bishop and theologian. It is a compilation of lives of saints, daily reflections, contemplations and homilies.

The Prologue From Ohrid offers spiritual guidance, historical context, and reflections on the lives of various saints, both well-known and lesser-known. It explores the Orthodox Christian faith and provides inspiration and encouragement for daily life. It will be good to have a Bible to accompany you while reading each entry. There are many Bible references and quotations throughout.

The Prologue From Ohrid is highly regarded within the Orthodox Christian tradition and has been translated into multiple languages. It is often used as a devotional resource, providing spiritual nourishment and enlightenment to its readers.

The daily readings are found on the Saint Anna Mission Calendar Click on the day of the year. The daily entry is found under the heading: The Prologue From Ohrid.

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