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Welcome to Saint Anna Mission. Our mission is to bring European people back to The Orthodox Faith.


Saint Anna Mission intends to be a life raft between protestantism and The Orthodox Faith. The word Orthodox, Ortho(Right) Doxa(Opinion/Glory), could be easily translated into English as true. There is only one True Faith. For a church to be truly Christian, it will need to profess The Orthodox Faith.

Saint Anna Mission is named in honor of the Righteous Ancestor of God Saint Anna. Saint Anna is the mother of the Theotokos. Theotokos means God Bearer in Greek. It is the title given to Mary, the Mother of God. Anna is the Grandmother of our Saviour Jesus Christ. She also gives us a historical connection with our ancestors from Northern Europe. Most of these European people, through no fault of their own, had been cut off from The Orthodox Faith.

In our quest for Orthodoxy we have found ignorance, hostility, pride and arrogance when we try to share our Lutheran heritage with Orthodox people. Luther’s efforts should be viewed as a failed attempt to return to Orthodoxy. Many of his criticisms of the papist church echo the Orthodox concerns with the papal reforms. The Orthodox did not successfully reclaim the European lands from the heretics. We have a real opportunity to embrace the first thousand years of The Orthodox Faith in Europe and reestablish it in Europe and throughout the world for European people. Saint Anna Mission will not support continued heterodox teachings expounded by papists or other reformers. Our hope for this mission is that it will welcome protestants by acknowledging your European ancestory. It will acknowledge how Orthodoxy was lost for your family. It will help Christian people to move forward with the good European traditions under the reestablishment of The Orthodox Faith.