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┬áSt. Ignatius Brianchaninov gives the following definition of prelest: it is “wounding of human nature with falsehood” deception – (English) plani – (Greek) prelest – (Russian) Prelest is a Russian word that means a state of mind where someone imagines they are something they are not. The concept of prelest should not be confused with …


The Jesus Prayer

These days, my relationship with Jesus looks different than it used to. I used to have all the energy in the world to keep up with my earthly desires and my holy duty. I would wake up early and go to a grounding place to pray. Or, I would stay up late trying to go …


Grace? or God’s Uncreated Energy?

Orthodox theologian Vladimir Lossky explains: “[The] theology of the Eastern Church distinguishes in God the three hypostases, the nature or essence, and the energies. The Son and the Holy Spirit are, so to say, personal processions, the energies, natural processions. The energies are inseparable from the nature, and the nature is inseparable from the three …